What is sustainable consumption?

We are currently consuming more resources than ever before

So it's no wonder that Earth Overshoot Day 2021 already occurred on 07/29/21. Earlier than ever before. This means we are consuming more resources than are being renewed within a year. To be more precise, we consume the resources of 1.7 Earths each year.

Waste, pollution and the gap between rich and poor are increasing. Health, education, equality and self-determination are severely affected.

NOUMEN has the aim to find new solutions that enable sustainable production and responsible consumption. The most important element is the transparent calculation, analysis and reduction of our CO2 emissions. Thus, we focus on a transparent value chain and inspect it to the smallest detail. This is the only way we can find and analyse opportunities to improve our environmental and social impact. 

We want to inspire you to pursue a sustainable lifestyle and reduce the impact of your consumption to increase your well-being.

Sustainable production and responsible consumption targeted by the United Nations SDGs

Nachhaltige Konsumentscheidungen treffen mit NOUMEN und gemeinsam die 12 Ziele (SDGs) der Vereinten Nationen erreichen

 Sustainable consumption and production is about promoting resource and energy efficiency, green and humane jobs, and a better quality of life for all of us

Sustainable consumption decisions

Making a sustainable consumption decision is a complex process. The source of ingredients is often unclear. We also feel overwhelmed by the amount of products and information available to us. Sometimes it is difficult to realise the significance that the purchasing decision of each and every one of us has.You may have had the line of thought: 

Why not commute by car when others take the plane regularly?

First, even short car trips add up. Let's illustrate the matter by a simple calculation. For example, if you drive 10 km a day, you will drive a total of 3,650 km a year. With an average gasoline engine, this means 1.2 tons of CO2.

In order to get a greater understanding of this value: The Federal Environment Agency has set Germany the goal of reducing the CO2 balance of each individual from over 11 tons of CO2 to under 1 ton of CO2 per person each year. Only this way the greenhouse effect would not be further intensified.

In our example, this 1 ton would already be reached by driving 10 km/ per day.
Thus, it is true: our lifestyle has a profound impact on our planet. Our everyday choices matter tremendously. New research shows that consumer choices are associated with more than 50% of the energy-related emissions we need to reduce to reach Net Zero.

You want to calculate your CO2 balance? Use this CO2 calculator and get a first estimate in just a few steps:


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How can you reduce your carbon footprint?

At NOUMEN, we focus on three important pillars that will help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

We would like to outline for you a number of ways in which you can take action:

1) Recycling 

Only if waste is separated correctly, it will be recycled properly! Recycling saves energy, reduces the mining of raw materials and thus helps to fight climate change. The London-based sustainability consultancy Eunomia concludes that 2.8 billion tons of CO2 could be saved if waste streams were optimised to maximise recycling rates. This could also decrease the demand for new products that require fossil fuels for production.

TIP: Try to primarily buy products that have a high recycling rate and dispose them accordingly. If the products are made of a mixture of paper and plastic or aluminum and plastic, they must be disposed separately if possible. Often different plastic films are glued together (e.g. cheese and sausage packaging). Here it is important to separate the tray and cover.

NOUMEN offers you only products with a high recycling content and we strive to make recycling as easy as possible for you. For example, since our cleanser tube is made of a homogeneous material, you do not have to unscrew it to dispose it correctly.

2) Refill options and reusable products

Unfortunately, there are still far too many single-use products and packages. Let’s think about coffee cups. About 58 million single-use cups are used every year, causing more than one million tons of paper and 100 billion Liters of water. 

TIP: The maxim is clearly reusable instead of single-use. Are you able to replace the single-use cup with a reusable cup for your coffee to go? Do you really need a single-use plastic bag for your supermarket purchases? Above all, pay attention to the frequency with which you should use a reusable product so that you can make a positive contribution! 

NOUMEN has developed an easy refill option for our supplements. They come in a compostable refill pack that you can easily dispose in your organic or residual waste. 

3) Vegan Ingredients

Diets high in plant-based foods and lower in animal-based foods, have a lower environmental impact. As a consequence, the consumption of land, energy and water can be substantially reduced.

TIP: By eating more plant-based meals, you can make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

All products at NOUMEN are vegan and of course GMO- and animal-free.

Check out the UN's ActNow initiative for more easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint.