Du hast das Beste verdient. Warum solltest du dich mit weniger zufrieden geben?

You deserve the best. Why should you settle for less?

Developed with dermatologists, trophologists and nutritionists

Regular laboratory analyzes of our ingredients

Production under strict sustainability criteria in Austria

Produkt Entwicklung

We have developed our dietary supplements and skin care products with experienced teams of experts. These teams are made up of dermatologists, trophologists and nutritionists to work together to develop high-quality products with unique nutrient combinations that are specially formulated for men. The formulations are based on scientific knowledge and the actual needs of our body.


With all products, we pay attention to the high quality of the raw materials and do without anything that the body cannot benefit from. Our products are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological contamination in laboratory analyses. This allows us to guarantee natural and pollutant-free products.


Both our skinccare and our supplements are produced in Austria according to the highest possible industry standards. Our production partners share the same values ​​and goals of sustainable production.