NOUMEN Journal mit Themen rund um Selfcare, Gesundheit und Lifestyle des Mannes NOUMEN Journal mit Themen rund um Selfcare, Gesundheit und Lifestyle des Mannes

We are on a mission

To become the global destination for men's health and well-being. Placing the highest value on you and the planet.

NOUMEN - De-stigmatize men’s health und Männergesundheit für körperliches und mentales Wohlbefinden

We think it's time to say goodbye to old stigmas associated with men's mental and physical well-being.

 Vergiss überholte Rollenbilder.

It's time to become the best version of yourself. Because when you are at your best, everyone around you wins.


We are committed to providing the most effective and clean products. Convenient, straightforward, and easy to integrate into your everyday life. Products that go hand in hand with your lifestyle and help you de-stress throughout the day.

NOUMEN - De-stress im Alltag mit effektiven Produkten für Männer

NOUMEN has had sustainability built into its DNA from day one. We strive to offer a legitimate and convenient alternative to the current standards of consumer society. An alternative that can be trusted. In fact, we believe that it is up to innovative companies to pave the way to a more sustainable future for society, to help consumers make more sustainable purchasing decisions. To change their consumption habits for the better.
Die bewusste wahl

Wir investieren in eine Zukunft, in der es dem Verbraucher einfach gemacht wird, nachhaltigen Konsum und Komfort in Einklang zu bringen. Ohne stundenlange Recherche. Ohne Schnickschnack. 

Follow this link to discover what we are focusing on and what measures we are taking to achieve our long-term goals.

NOUMEN - Jana Schottkowski und Max Germann Founder und Gründer

Wir sind Jana und Max.

For us, NOUMEN was born out of the urge to change the men's well-being industry. With the aspiration, not only to bring transparency to an entire industry but also to emphasize sustainability in everything we do.

We want to be the global destination for men’s health. De-stigmatize and De-Stress. Simply, provide men with everything they need to be the best version of themselves.

We at NOUMEN enable people to make sustainable choices easy and convenient. The trustworthy choice to reconcile mankind and the planet. Without hours of research. Without compromises. As we simply believe in NOU beginnings for all of us.