At NOUMEN, we enable people to make sustainable choices easily and conveniently. Our products aim to be a trusted choice that balances people and planet. Without hours of research. Without compromises.

NOUMEN - Commitment to Sustainability und die Reise zur Nachhaltigkeit

There is no quick and easy solution to sustainability and environmental protection. To be honest, it was quite a long road for us to get to where we are today.

We founded NOUMEN as a climate-neutral company from day one. Everything we do is driven by developing sustainable health solutions. Without any compromises. Through continuous research and innovation in cooperation with suppliers and customers, we strive to create environmentally friendly solutions together.

Sustainability is like an endless journey

There are constantly opportunities to change existing processes. That's why we have created our 'Areas of Constant Betterment' where we are consistently exploring opportunities for improvement and new advances.

Learn more about our Areas of Constant Betterment:

NOUMEN - Areas of constant betterment mit nachhaltigen Inhaltsstoffen für Skincare und Supplements NOUMEN - Areas of constant betterment mit nachhaltigen Inhaltsstoffen für Skincare und Supplements

Good for you and the planet

We primarily use ingredients in our products that are derived from local sources balanced with consciously selected true all-rounders from abroad.


Our skincare products are derived from nature and return to nature. They are vegan and cruelty free. We will never compromise the purity of our products with potentially harmful ingredients. All our formulas are free from parabens, mineral oils, micro-plastic and petrolates, PEGs, PPGs, MEA, DEA and TEA, phthalates, silicones, and sulfates.


We create the cleanest supplements possible. We will never use additives or unnecessary fillers. Just as we won't overdose ingredients that your body cannot benefit from. Of course, we are non-GMO and vegan friendly.

NOUMEN - Areas of constant betterment mit bedarfsgerechter Beschaffung und lokaler Produktion in Österreich NOUMEN - Areas of constant betterment mit bedarfsgerechter Beschaffung und lokaler Produktion in Österreich

Local Production in Austria

All our products are produced in Austria to the highest possible industry standards. We maintain a trustful cooperation with all our partners and share the same values and goals of a sustainable production of effective products. We have established internal, environmentally relevant criteria for the selection of our suppliers. Our focus is on regionality to avoid long transportation distances and we have a strong focus on sustainable production facilities using renewable energy.

We prevent overproduction

Most global cosmetic companies operate on the principle of economies of scale. In other words: the more products a company produces in a single run, the lower the unit costs. But even with the addition of synthetic preservatives and stabilizers that can prolong products' shelf life for many years, it is far from certain that these companies will be able to sell the huge number of products they have produced. Certainly, a large proportion of the products end up being scrapped. This is an issue that is far too rarely discussed when it comes to sustainability.

The truth is that no matter how sustainable goods are packed or manufactured, overproduction is a waste of resources and one of the biggest damages to our planet. For this reason, we at NOUMEN have short production cycles with small batch sizes. This allows us to produce what our customers demand.

NOUMEN - Areas of constant betterment mit nachhaltigen Verpackungen und Materialien für Refill System, Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und Hautpflegeprodukte NOUMEN - Areas of constant betterment mit nachhaltigen Verpackungen und Materialien für Refill System, Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und Hautpflegeprodukte
Packaging & Materials

The biggest Challenge

As of today, there is no packaging material that is 100% sustainable. Glass, aluminum and plastic - each material has advantages and disadvantages, which we consider and evaluate for each individual product.

At NOUMEN, this means weighing the advantages and disadvantages of different packaging options. The assessment therefore includes not only the sustainability of the material, but also reusability, CO2 emissions during production and transportation, and, obviously, product compatibility.

Our aim is to communicate our reasons for choosing packaging materials transparently to you in order to eliminate prejudices against certain materials.


Glass is a sustainable solution when used as a reusable system, or used multiple times. Through our refill system, we allow you to refill your Glass Jar every month and reuse it infinitely. That way, you can ensure a long lifespan of the glass and it does not have to be melted down at a high emission consumption before it can be reused.

The refill bags you receive are made from Paper Pulp sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills (FSC certified) and printed with water-based ink that is resource-friendly. Their inner layer is made of Potato Starch, which is obtained from food production waste. This material makes the packaging fully compostable.


For our skin care products, a refillable glass system is currently not a viable option given challenging conditions (internal capacities, structures and regulations). However, right as we speak, we are working hard to realize this project in the near future.

Instead, we use Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic for our packaging. This is recycled plastic from household or commercial waste, most of which has been used for packaging before. This PCR offers a lower carbon footprint compared to virgin material. It keeps waste out of landfills, reduces the consumption of virgin raw materials, and reduces emissions while promoting a circular economy, thus reducing much of the environmental impact.

The cardboard box of our products is made of Grass Paper produced carbon neutrally. The grass used is obtained from unused agricultural land and processed without chemicals. Thanks to a significantly reduced water consumption, an energy saving of up to 80% and a CO2 reduction of up to 75% compared to conventional paper varieties, our grass paper has a truly positive eco-balance.

NOUMEN - Areas of constant betterment mit nachhaltiger Office Policy NOUMEN - Areas of constant betterment mit nachhaltiger Office Policy

We approach sustainability holistically

It is meant to go beyond environmentally responsible partner suppliers and transparent supply chains.

After all, our team is also able to contribute a significant amount to protecting the environment, both collectively and in private. So we strive not only for a sustainable business model, but for a holistic sustainable concept that includes our working practices and our personal lives.

This means for us:

+ Responsible business travel, e.g. trains over planes and video call over in-person meeting

+ Offsetting the personal footprints of our team members

+ Veggie Food & Catering

+ Digital Services running on green energy

+ Proper waste separation system, minimal printing, eco-friendly office supplies

NOUMEN - CO2 Ausgleich durch Kompensationsprojekt für Klimaschutz und nachhaltige Zukunft NOUMEN - CO2 Ausgleich durch Kompensationsprojekt für Klimaschutz und nachhaltige Zukunft
CO2 compensation


Our most important goal is to avoid all unnecessary CO2 emissions. However, it is not possible to reduce or completely avoid emissions at every stage. Only where we have not yet found a solution to avoid or reduce our footprint, will we take countermeasures through CO2 compensation projects.

Since it is always better to avoid emissions than to offset them at a later stage, we consequently see offsetting as the final step after avoidance and reduction.

Offsetting takes place via emissions certificates, which are used to compensate for the same amount of emissions in climate protection projects carefully selected by us.


Our Compensation Project:

Solar pumps for clean water in Madagascar

One of the most important ingredients in Skincare is water. In Europe, we have the privilege of having access to clean drinking water at all times. At NOUMEN, our favorably located production facilities give us the opportunity to process high-quality alpine spring water.

NOUMEN - Kompensationsprojekt in Madagaskar für sauberes Trinkwasser

But there are many people in the world who do not have this privilege. So does the local community in Atsimo-Andrefana, Madagascar. Due to a general lack of infrastructure, they are denied access to clean drinking water.

The water taken from boreholes, rivers and open water points must be cleaned before it can be used by means of high-emission boiling.

With this project, in cooperation with ClimatePartner, we support the construction and commissioning of solar-powered wells. The local population has access to clean drinking water and the emission-intensive boiling of water is no longer necessary.

Our contribution ensures:

+ Fewer diseases due to contaminated drinking water and smoke pollution.

+ Children in schools have access to clean drinking water

+ Women are relieved by the reduced effort for transporting and boiling the water

+ the solar system ensures a sustainable and clean energy supply.

NOUMEN - Kompensationsprojekt in Kooperation mit ClimatePartner

Leaders for Climate Action

We have joined more than 1,000 business owners and leaders with the Leaders for Climate Action movement to collaborate on actions to build a more sustainable economy. Together, we aim to become climate action role models and positively influence policy makers and society.

Transparency is key when it comes to climate protection. That's why all our actions are tracked and information is made available in the Climate Action Platform.

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