Calculate your sleep score

How good do you really sleep? Calculate your sleep score now, find out how efficient your sleep is and what you can improve in the future.

On a scale of 0-90, you can find out how efficient your sleep is. In less than 5 minutes.

Our quiz helps you to get a quick and easy overview of your current sleeping habits. You can repeat it when you've changed your lifestyle and routines.

What we consider when calculating your sleep score

To compute your sleep score, we focus on four key areas that have been shown to have a big impact on your sleep quality:

  • Your sleep routine
  • How you feel in the morning
  • Your daily habits
  • Your general lifestyle

We have included some specific, easy-to-measure behaviours that have an impact on your sleep quality. For example, regular mindfulness practices have a calming effect and help you relax.

It is important to note that these are not "magic" numbers. There are no confirmed frequencies of meditation, number of workouts, or hours of sleep that will guarantee each of us optimal sleep quality. As is often the case - everyone of us is individual, everyone has different preferences and accordingly reacts differently to certain measures.

However, researchers show that having routine habits is essential for your own lifestyle and your sleep quality, so you can achieve a higher sleep score.

How to interpret your Sleepscore?

Here’s your guide:

0 - 25: Mission Critical 😲

This is a cause for concern.... You should quickly begin taking steps to deal with the situation.

26 - 50: Well… 🤨

Your sleep needs a lot of attention. After all, it's about your health!

51 - 60: Average 😐

Being just average is never really our aspiration. But it is a good starting point!

61 - 70: Good 😌

Your sleep already gets a lot of attention from you. But there's more to it! Let's work on it together!

71 - 80: Great 😏

You are already leading a very healthy lifestyle and are prioritising your sleep. Keep it up!

81 - 90: Superb 🤩

Wow! Your lifestyle is reflected in healthy and efficient sleep. Continue like this, we are impressed!

Simple tips to increase your sleep score:

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