NOUCADEMY #1: Become the best version of yourself with Sebastian Mattl

Sebastian Mattl is the founder of PowerTribe and accompanies founders, entrepreneurs and exceptional personalities as a systemic entrepreneur coach. At the same time he is a passionate entrepreneur and helps Gen-Y entrepreneurs to clean up their mental chaos and to clear their heads again. He encourages people to recognize their own inner power and become the best version of themselves.

Habits, patterns and routines are also on the agenda. With ease, clarity and focus, Sebastian aims to move his fellow human beings forward and support them in realizing their potential to the fullest.

A few days ago, we had the opportunity to talk to Sebastian about the importance and awareness of rituals and habits. The results are three valuable tips & tricks on how you can implement new habits in the long run.

Three tips for your new Habits

1. Find the benefit of your current Habits 💆‍♂️

Every Habit has a benefit. Otherwise, you wouldn't be doing it. The cigarette brings relaxation and peace to the smoker. The run brings relaxation and peace of mind to the runner. The benefit is the same - the way to get there is different. If you want to change a habit in your life, become aware of what it has brought you so far and what other ways you can find to fulfill that benefit.

2. Set realistic expectations 💯

Rome was not built in a day. Set yourself very small steps at the beginning. Walk one step after work in the park, workout for 5 minutes in the gym, or take a deep breath as a meditation, for example. When you feel comfortable with that, start increasing the amount. This way you won't overwhelm yourself and will have quick moments of success when you've implemented something new.

3. Find an accountability partner 👯

Make a deal with those around you to check in with them regularly when you get your new habit done. If you forget once, you have to take them out to dinner at a restaurant of their choice, for example. It's fun - and if you really do forget, you'll have a good reason to go out to eat with your loved ones!

For further exploration

Sebastian also gave us three more exciting recommendations that you can use to further explore the topic of habit formation. Whether book, video or podcast, Sebastian has a special tip for each format:

📚 Book: 

"The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg. 

→ How are habits formed? Can existing behaviors be changed through willpower and self-discipline? How can the dynamics of crowds be influenced? The author clarifies these and many other exciting questions in his bestseller.

🎥 YouTube: 

"How to become 37.78 times better at anything | Atomic Habits summary by James Clear"

→ a summary of the classic book "Atomic Habits" by James Clear.

🎧 Podcast: 

1. PowerTribe Podcast: EP#08 - Power Habits. 

→ Sebastian is not only a coach, but also a podcaster. In this podcast episode he talks about what exactly Habits are, why we should know our own and how we can change them.

2. The Ed Mylett Show: Small Habits, Big Results w/ James Clear

→ An interview between Ed Mylett and "Atomic Habits" author James Clear. Break and change bad habits - listen to James Clear's tips to make lasting changes in your life.