Mindfulness in your daily life

the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something

Mindfulness is about being physically and mentally present in the here and now. Actually, one would like to think: Sure, I am in the here and now. But how much does that actually describe us?

Are we really paying full attention to the moment? 

For most people, this is not a normal state of life. Let's just think about our everyday lives, in which we rush from one situation to the next, thinking about work while brushing our teeth and planning what needs to be done afterwards. In between, we work through four e-mails and answer eight WhatsApp messages. Mentally, we are certainly not in the here and now.

Instead, we often try to do several things at once and let ourselves get stressed out by trivial things. Stress that could be avoided if we took a moment in between and paid a little attention to the moment. 

Mindfulness means to experience moments consciously.

And to listen to one's inner impulses at the same time - without judging them. In this way, we not only protect ourselves and our minds. We can slow down our everyday life and reduce stress.

How we can implement mindful behavior

 NOUMEN Selfcare Journal - Achtsamkeit im Alltag

Pay attention to your physical sensations and observe your emotions while doing so. The most important thing here is to notice the thoughts and emotions, but not to judge them. This creates a distance between stimulus and reaction.

Mindfulness training helps to avoid stress.

We can practice it without meditating for hours or visiting a Buddhist temple. Small practices can be optimally integrated into everyday life and take only a few minutes.

Pausing is a popular method. A few minutes a day are usually enough for you to fully recharge your batteries and find peace. Concentrate on your body and feel how your breath supplies you with energy. Pay attention to your feelings and listen to your thoughts. Remember to allow these thoughts, but not to judge them. The more you repeat this exercise, the easier it will be - I promise.

Imagine that you have an important job interview tomorrow which you have prepared intensively for. You are excited and nervous, but you only observe this feeling instead of evaluating it. You create a distance to your thoughts and accept them, but do not evaluate them. This way you don't trigger a reaction and therefore no stress.

Mindfulness at NOUMEN

In the past, mindfulness was labeled esoteric. In the meantime, however, numerous scientific studies have confirmed that mindfulness has a positive effect on health and well-being. 

We at NOUMEN also think that the ability to live mindfully can have an immense impact on each individual.

With our routines we would like to create a possibility for men to slow down their everyday life.

For us, taking time for oneself and integrating recurring rituals is an important building block for reducing stress and ensuring holistic well-being.