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Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is an essential nutrient for our bodies. At NOUMEN, we use a natural form of this vitamin called retinyl palmitate in our Skin Supplement. This nutrient is one of the best known antioxidants and has numerous benefits for the skin, but also strengthens our immune system. As an antioxidant, vitamin A primarily counteracts oxidative stress and inflammation and has a number of comprehensive positive properties, which we will discuss in more detail in the following sections.

Vitamin A at a glace

Studies suggest that vitamin A's antioxidant effects may strengthen your immune system and thus protect you from disease. This nutrient may even improve fertility in men. But retinol not only has a positive effect on your well-being, it also makes your skin look healthier and more resistant. Vitamin A is especially known for its anti-aging effect in skincare products. Thus, it is also one of the nutrients that is often used in skin care products for men. However, you will not only benefit from the external application of skincare products, but especially from the intake of supplements. And we will show you how!

The effect and benefits of vitamin A 

Vitamin A is extremely well studied as its health benefits are evident. In addition to its antioxidant function, vitamin A is also important for immune function, reproduction and cellular communication. Most importantly, vitamin A is a key component of rhodopsin, a protein used by the body to absorb the light that hits the retina. For this reason, vitamin A is very important for the health of your eyes. Our body also needs vitamin A for the formation and maintenance of a variety of organ structures. We have summarized various benefits for you:

🛡 Benefits as an antioxidant

As an antioxidant, vitamin A is unbeatable. This vitamin contains substances called carotenoids. Carotenoids are one of the body's best protectors against oxidation, which causes free radicals. This is critical for environmental protection, as scientists have linked oxidative stress to diseases such as diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders and various heart conditions. Research suggests that carotenoids may benefit your cardiovascular health.

🧬 Benefits for the skin

Let's get more specific about the link between vitamin A and improved skin health for men. This nutrient, in particular, seems to be very effective in reducing wrinkles, making it an effective anti-aging agent

It has been scientifically proven that vitamin A deficiency may increase the risk of acne. Therefore, researchers have developed numerous vitamin A-based preparations for the treatment of skin blemishes. This is because the nutrient contributes to the formation of keratin and collagen, thus improving the skin's own elasticity. It protects against free radicals, has an antioxidant effect and reduces the sebum production of the facial skin. 

However, you do not have to take vitamin A medications, which can have strong side effects. Even supplements with vitamin A in a high bioavailability will help you compensate for deficiencies and fight blemishes and acne. Taking the recommended daily dose of vitamin A, as contained in NOUMEN Skin, can thus protect you from acne and skin problems without side effects.

🎈 Reproductive benefits

Scientists found that retinol deficiency can affect men's ability to reproduce. In men, a vitamin A deficiency reduces the number of sperm and thus his ability to reproduce.

🦠 Benefits for the immune system

Vitamin A helps maintain the mucosal barriers that keep your organ systems healthy and disease-free. It contributes to the development of white blood cells, which are the immune system's first line of defense against infection. So giving your body extra support with vitamin A may protect you from disease.

NOUMEN Skin Supplement besseres Immunsystem und Haut bei Männern

The correct dosage of vitamin A (NRV) 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has set the recommended daily intake (RDA) for vitamin A at 900 mcg for adult male. The NRV (Nutrient reference value) for adults has been set at 800 mg per day by the European Union. 

Vitamin A is abundant in a variety of foods, making it one of the easiest essential nutrients to obtain in your diet. It is found in both animal and plant-based food. Thus, it doesn't matter if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

How do you get your daily dose of vitamin A?

🍠 Sweet potato - about 50 g or ¼ of 1 sweet potato

🥕 Carrots - about ¼ cup or 32 g

🥬 Spinach - about ¼ cup or 32 g

🥩 Beef liver - about 19 g

Vitamin A: retinyl palmitate vs. beta-carotene

Vitamin A comes from two sources: Retinoids (such as retinol) as well as carotenoids (such as beta-carotene). Retinoids are bioavailable substances. This means that they can be easily absorbed into the body and used efficiently. Carotenoids are the pigments that give vegetables and other plant products their bright colors. Unlike retinoids, carotenoids are not bioavailable. This means that before the body is able to benefit from them nutritionally, it must convert them into retinoids. This process can be difficult for some bodies. 

To ensure optimal absorption of vitamin A by your body, we incorporate the nutrient retinyl palmitate (or vitamin A palmitate), found in the retinoid group, in our NOUMEN Skin Supplement.

How long does it take for you to reap the benefits of vitamin A?

Since vitamin A is fat-soluble, it may take a relatively long time for the level of the vitamin to rise again after a deficiency. However, it is usually possible to compensate for a reduction in deficiency symptoms after a few weeks of taking this vitamin. However, to benefit, vitamin A should be taken for at least 3 months

The good news is that according to scientific research, the absorption rate of vitamin A is between 75% and 100%. This means that your body absorbs almost all of the vitamin A you consume. 

If you are interested in learning more about what to look out for when taking supplements, feel free to check out our Supplement 101 Guide.

NOUMEN protects against stressors and environmental factors

At NOUMEN, we believe that protection from stressors and environmental factors is especially important. That's why we've formed our stress-reducing routines, so that you not only boost your performance, but also get enough rest and protection. The focus is on the skin, the largest organ of your body. 

If you suffer from skin problems such as blemishes or acne, or if you want to strengthen your skin, it makes great sense to combine regular skin care with a complementary food supplement. That way you nourish your skin from the outside and strengthen it by absorbing essential nutrients from the inside.

For this purpose, we have created a holistic range of NOUMEN Skincare and NOUMEN Skin Supplement to provide you with optimal support.

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