Why is skincare important for men?

Our skin protects us throughout the day from environmental exposure, like sun, sweat, urban dirt and exhaust gases. Regular care and especially cleansing are crucial to keep our skin healthy, advises Prof. Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, senior physician at the Clinic for Dermatology at Berlin's Charité hospital.

Routines are particularly valuable in protecting your skin sufficiently and while using the appropriate products, men should pay attention to using skincare products that suit their skin type. Men's skin is generally oilier than women's, because the hormone testosterone makes our sebaceous glands more active.

The proper use of skincare for men

Skincare for men starts with cleansing the face and ends with the applying of a skin cream both in the morning and in the evening.

Richtige Anwendung eines Waschgels und Naturkosmetik für Männer

1. Cleanse your face

Cleansing the face is the most important step in your new routine, as it removes excess sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. Persistent impurities promote blackheads and pimples, especially in men's skin, which tends to produce more sebum.

Your facial cleansing regime should by no means be done with water or conventional soap alone. Water can only remove water soluble substances, not sebum or dirt. Commercial soap weakens the skin's natural protective layer, which may cause dry skin. Therefore, it is important that you use a gentle and natural cleanser.You should use the cleanser both in the morning and in the evening

▶️ If you apply a face cream, it can only unfold its benefits if you have properly cleansed your face beforehand.

2. Day Cream to protect your face

The right day cream protects you from external environmental damage, such as air pollution and UV rays. The ideal day cream for men should be light, quickly absorbable and allow your skin to breathe sufficiently during the day. A day cream should have other characteristics and ingredients than a night cream, ideally both creams are even tailored to each other

▶️ The right day cream offers the best protection for your skin.

3. Night Cream to regenerate over night

Night creams have a richer texture compared to the day cream, as they usually contain a higher concentration of powerful ingredients. During the night, the skin produces new cells and repairs itself, so a more powerful nutrient supply is essential. 

▶️ Night creams are therefore predominantly regenerating.

The correct use of day and night cream 

Day and night creams help your skin maintain its balance, repair itself and stay healthy. You should massage the creams into your dry face after cleansing. Do not use too much cream, because more is not always better.

Along with your new skincare routine, consistency is key! Forming new habits isn't always trivial. Check out our tips and tricks here.

What else should you keep in mind besides your skincare routine?

  • 💤 Hit the pillow! Efficient sleep supports your skin and keeps it looking refreshed and healthier.
  • 🥦 Get your Vitamins! Make sure to eat fresh and avoid highly processed foods.
  • 💧Stay Hydrated! Staying hydrated is crucial. You should consume at least 1.5 liters of water daily. 
  • 🏋️‍♂️ Sweat your ass off! Get enough exercise and sports to relieve stress along with your work.