Difference between the skin of men & women

Did you know that the skin between men and women differs significantly? Did you know that men are better off not using women's products? That instead it actually makes sense to use products specifically designed for men? No? 

In this article, we will briefly and concisely describe the main differences.

The structure of the two skin types is basically the same. Nevertheless, it can be said that men's skin is somewhat more robust than women's. The sebaceous glands are more active, resulting in special care requirements.

The epidermis and dermis of men are usually thicker than those of women. Despite the thickness of this layer, protection from UV radiation should not be ignored whatsoever. The use of sunscreen on a daily basis is always recommended.

The hormone testosterone is responsible for the fact that the sebaceous glands of men are often more active. Thus, men's skin produces about twice as much sebum, making it greasier and shinier, which can lead to impurities and acne. 

Unfortunately, skincare can not do much for the subcutaneous layer. The connective tissue in men tends to be slightly thicker here. Instead of skincare products, sports and a healthy lifestyle are the most effective ways to counteract.

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But what about skin aging?

Here's the good news: up to the age of 30, men's skin is firmer compared to women's skin. However, the bad news is: after the age of 35, the skin ages faster. This is due to a slowdown in skin cell renewal and a decrease in the elasticity of connective tissue. This means that moisture can only be absorbed slowly.

As such, it actually makes sense that there are different skin care products for men and women.

But what exactly does that mean for you? How do you find out which products or ingredients are good for you? And what is actually the difference between chemical and natural skin care products? 

Check out the next articles, where we will be exploring all of these topics.

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