Packaging & Production Policy at NOUMEN - Sustainability

The biggest Challenge

As of today, there is no packaging material that is 100% sustainable. Glass, aluminum and plastic - each material has advantages and disadvantages, which we consider and evaluate for each individual product.

At NOUMEN, this means weighing the advantages and disadvantages of different packaging options. The assessment therefore includes not only the sustainability of the material, but also reusability, CO2 emissions during production and transportation, and, obviously, product compatibility.

Our aim is to communicate our reasons for choosing packaging materials transparently to you in order to eliminate prejudices against certain materials.


Glass is a sustainable solution when used as a reusable system, or used multiple times. Through our refill system, we allow you to refill your Glass Jar every month and reuse it infinitely. That way, you can ensure a long lifespan of the glass and it does not have to be melted down at a high emission consumption before it can be reused.

The refill bags you receive are made from Paper Pulp sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills (FSC certified) and printed with water-based ink that is resource-friendly. Their inner layer is made of Potato Starch, which is obtained from food production waste. This material makes the packaging fully compostable.


For our skin care products, a refillable glass system is currently not a viable option given challenging conditions (internal capacities, structures and regulations). However, right as we speak, we are working hard to realize this project in the near future.

Instead, we use Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic for our packaging. This is recycled plastic from household or commercial waste, most of which has been used for packaging before. This PCR offers a lower carbon footprint compared to virgin material. It keeps waste out of landfills, reduces the consumption of virgin raw materials, and reduces emissions while promoting a circular economy, thus reducing much of the environmental impact.

The cardboard box of our products is made of Grass Paper produced carbon neutrally. The grass used is obtained from unused agricultural land and processed without chemicals. Thanks to a significantly reduced water consumption, an energy saving of up to 80% and a CO2 reduction of up to 75% compared to conventional paper varieties, our grass paper has a truly positive eco-balance.