Our Commitment - Production Policy NOUMEN

Local Production in Austria

All our products are produced in Austria to the highest possible industry standards. We maintain a trustful cooperation with all our partners and share the same values and goals of a sustainable production of effective products. We have established internal, environmentally relevant criteria for the selection of our suppliers. Our focus is on regionality to avoid long transportation distances and we have a strong focus on sustainable production facilities using renewable energy.

We prevent overproduction

Most global cosmetic companies operate on the principle of economies of scale. In other words: the more products a company produces in a single run, the lower the unit costs. But even with the addition of synthetic preservatives and stabilizers that can prolong products' shelf life for many years, it is far from certain that these companies will be able to sell the huge number of products they have produced. Certainly, a large proportion of the products end up being scrapped. This is an issue that is far too rarely discussed when it comes to sustainability.

The truth is that no matter how sustainable goods are packed or manufactured, overproduction is a waste of resources and one of the biggest damages to our planet. For this reason, we at NOUMEN have short production cycles with small batch sizes. This allows us to produce what our customers demand.