Why is protection against environmental influences so important?

Nowadays, every other one of us is exposed to urban pollution. And that on a daily basis. 

Harmful environmental influences include heavy metals, fine dust, hydrocarbons, ozone, sulphurous and other toxic chemical compounds - and thus pose a major problem.

Although our skin is equipped with natural defence mechanisms, these are quickly exhausted. The result? The skin irritates by toxic substances in the air, it suffers from the influences and thus loses its natural radiance and ages prematurely.

Now, unfortunately, we cannot change the general problem of environmental pollution from one day to the other. Yet we can protect our skin, nourish it and provide it with important nutrients so that it can cope with this stress in the best possible way.

At NOUMEN, we rely on the scientifically developed active ingredient URBALYS® in our Day Cream and Night Cream.

URBALYS® against harmful environmental influences

While searching for molecules that act against oxidative stress and inflammation, the extraordinary properties of lignans were discovered and, after extensive screening, Schisandra Chinensis (schisandra berry), known for its adaptogenic properties, was selected.

The result is URBALYS®: a powerful lignan concentrate that protects against the biological attacks of urban pollution in all its forms by activating the skin's own defences and cellular detoxification. The dual defence mechanism of this active ingredient combats both free radical stress and inflammation and strengthens the skin barrier.

NOUMEN Skincare for holistic protection

NOUMEN's natural skincare routine provides holistic protection for our skin. The combination of Cleanser, Day Cream and Night Cream cleanses, protects and moisturises - for your best skincare ritual yet.

NOUMEN Skincare Set - Day Cream, Night Cream, Cleanser

Day Cream, Night Cream and Cleanser have been formulated to work together to protect against oxidative stress and environmental damage, while effectively nourishing and cleansing the skin.

The active ingredient URBALYS® is contained in the Day and Night Cream and protects against all forms of urban pollution. It activates the skin's own defences and cellular detoxification systems, fights free radicals, prevents inflammation and strengthens the skin barrier - for healthy, demanding men's skin.