Skincare for greater well-being

A daily facial cleanser, a Day Cream that protects you from the stress of everyday life or a revitalising Night Cream can improve the appearance of your skin - and have a big impact on your emotional well-being. The fact that facial care and your well-being are linked may sound surprising at first.

The reality is that our skin is, in many ways, a kind of indicator light for our inner health. When our skin looks and feels good, we generally feel better. After all, we all know the impact that a few sleepless nights can have on our skin. So we've summarised some of the benefits of a skincare routine for your well-being.

Your skin care routine for more well-being

A skin care routine provides a stable daily routine that has a positive effect on mental health. 

Humans need structure in their lives and a routine in their daily life to prepare the body for challenge and also to be able to switch off. These routines can include healthy eating habits, regular exercise, perhaps journaling, as well as a skincare routine

These routines are crucial to our health, both for the body and the mind. In a study published in June 2018 in the journal Lancet Psychiatry, researchers found that people who have less consistent routines are more likely to suffer from major depressive and bipolar disorders, mood problems, loneliness and less happiness.

Skincare for more mindfulness

Focusing on doing something good for yourself helps stop the anxiety spiral we often get stuck in. 

Inevitably it happens to all of us. A day that just doesn't go our way. We only see the negative. You may find that certain times of the day trigger negative thoughts. Many people report that these dark thoughts often get worse 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. During this time we have more idle time, which increases concerns for many people. Therefore, skincare and Sleepcare are also inevitably linked for your well-being. 

But if you are engaged in an activity, such as cleansing and moisturising your face, you can switch off your thoughts and focus on what you are doing. You are in the moment, learning to switch off and doing something good for yourself.

Taking care of your skin is also an opportunity for mindfulness. Mindfulness means focusing on the sensations you are experiencing in the present moment without judging them (e.g. the soothing feeling of warm water). 

According to a study of more than 1,100 adults, this practice can relieve depression and anxiety by stopping worries and thoughts. By engaging in this activity for a few minutes, you can help your brain break free from less healthy, spiralling thought patterns.

Skincare may boost your mood

Regular skincare triggers a series of chemical processes in your brain that lift your mood. 

Develop a routine that feels good and includes products you like to use. Smells and a gentle facial massage can trigger a feeling of relaxation or give you a boost of freshness in the morning. There is a direct correlation between your skincare and your mood. When you take the time to care for your skin, it affects your mind and body. It boosts your confidence and can even give you a sense of control over how your day will go. 

The effect of a skincare routine is calming, planning also fills you with joy. The anticipation of happy events releases feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. According to one study, anticipation of positive events also activates a specific area of the prefrontal cortex, a brain region associated with a sense of well-being. It's a natural little high for something so simple. Physical relaxation signals to the brain that it is time to be calm and serene and reduces the stress response to fight or flight.

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Skincare = Selfcare 

Your skincare routine is a selfcare act, a strong message to yourself that you want to do something good for yourself. 

The world is a stressful place right now. So it might be tempting to netflix late into the night and then go to bed without even cleaning your face - you're just too tired. But how about focusing on taking care of yourself in this small way instead. By taking just five extra minutes to take care of your skin, you're sending a message: I'm worth it. 

One of the most powerful steps could be to find a moisturiser that you really like. Does it feel good on your skin? Does it smell nice? How does it make you feel? 

Have you found the perfect skincare for yourself?

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Skincare is, of course, primarily used to improve the overall appearance of the skin while restoring and maintaining the skin's function as a barrier against the environment. It also improves blood circulation to the skin, which may contribute to a better overall sense of well-being

There are many ways to take care of yourself, but focusing on improving skin health pays dividends in mental and emotional health as well.