​​Saffron - Better sleep and mood

Saffron is a spice obtained from the threads of the flower of Crocus Sativus. This flower has been cultivated for centuries for its immense culinary value and especially for its medicinal benefits. Saffron not only adds a unique flavor to food, but also has strong antioxidant properties. Researchers believe that this substance may have neuroprotective, metabolic and sexual health benefits. In fact, saffron contains chemicals that can improve your mood, fight off cancer cells, reduce swelling, and function as antioxidants. Actually, more than a dozen potential benefits of saffron have been discovered as of today.

Saffron at a glace

Saffron contains more than 150 chemical substances. The most important are crocetin and crocin, picrocrocin and safranal, which are responsible for the color, taste and smell of saffron. These compounds are all powerful antioxidants and protect cells from free radicals and oxidative stress. Scientists suggest that many of the beneficial effects of saffron may be attributed to them. Numerous studies confirm saffron's effectiveness in treating depression, reducing mood swings and even Alzheimer's disease. Another clinical study found that saffron helped improve insomnia among healthy adults, sleep quality in general, and overall restful sleep.

The effects and benefits of saffron

Research suggests that saffron may be a powerful antioxidant. The body uses antioxidants to prevent oxidative stress, which damages tissue at the cellular level and may shorten life expectancy. However, each antioxidant substance affects the body in different ways, with scientists believing that saffron may exert its antioxidant effects primarily by improving sexual health and physical resilience. As such, saffron has a positive effect on your mood as well as your sleep quality. 

Below we have summarized 5 more benefits for you.

5 benefits of saffron at a glance::

😴  Restful sleep and improved sleep quality

In 2020, a clinical study found that saffron can have an impressive sleep-promoting effect on people with insomnia. Saffron increased sleep quality and, most importantly, study participants reported significantly improved mood the morning after taking it. Taking saffron before bed causes an increase in melatonin levels, which can help you fall asleep more easily.

🕺🏼 Less negative thoughts and better mood

There is growing evidence that saffron may help improve mood and be a useful addition to treatment for depression. In several studies, saffron supplements were significantly more effective than placebos in treating symptoms of mild to moderate depression. In this context, daily intake of 30 mg of saffron was as effective as conventional treatments with fluoxetine, imipramine, and citalopram.

🌶  Aphrodisiac for men 

Studies have shown that saffron may have aphrodisiac properties. For example, the daily intake of 30 mg of saffron over a four-week period significantly improved erectile function in men with antidepressant-induced erectile dysfunction. In addition, an analysis of multiple studies showed that saffron intake significantly improved erectile function, libido, and overall sexual satisfaction.

🧠 Better memory performance

Saffron appears to have potential neuroprotective benefits. Research suggests that saffron may inhibit the aggregation and deposition of beta-amyloid plaques in the human brain. This means that saffron's antioxidant functions may protect the nervous system and reduce or even prevent symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

🍫 Appetite suppressant 

Studies show that saffron is effective in appetite and weight reduction. One theory behind this is that saffron's mood-boosting properties make you less likely to feel the need to consume unhealthy snacks. In a further eight-week study, taking a saffron extract helped to significantly reduce appetite, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference and fat mass.

Safran für besseren Schlaf und Stimmung

The correct dosage of saffron (Saffron) - NRV

Neither saffron nor the substances it contains, such as crocetin and crocin, picrocrocin and safranal, are currently listed as essential nutrients, hence there is no nutrient reference value (NRV) for these substances. The safety and ideal daily dose of saffron have not been established by any major regulatory agency, but dosages between 250 and 1,500 milligrams of saffron have been well tolerated in clinical studies. Most studies found the beneficial properties of saffron at a daily dose of 30 mg

Our NOUMEN Sleep Supplement is designed so that the ingredients complement each other perfectly, making it easier for you to fall asleep and optimizing the quality of your sleep. For this reason, the NOUMEN Sleep Supplement contains 30 mg of saffron in addition to 8 other botanicals and amino acids, ensuring that you will benefit from the numerous advantages in the long term.

What should you look out for when taking it?

Saffron is a highly bioavailable, water-soluble nutrient. For this reason, it can be quickly absorbed by your body. As with most supplements, the effects and numerous benefits of saffron are not immediately noticeable. However, over time, the far-reaching effects add up. As such, you should make sure to take it consistently and regularly over a few weeks to achieve significant results.

Why is saffron included in NOUMEN Sleep Supplement?

Saffron is mainly known for its positive effect on your mind and mood. Recent studies from 2020 attribute saffron a positive effect on your sleep quality, allowing you to fall asleep more easily. Particularly noteworthy is not only the improvement of your sleep, but also the property of feeling energized and happy in the next morning. This positive effect will be noticeable if taken regularly for several weeks at 30 mg a day. 

Due to its antioxidant effect and support to fight stress factors as well as oxidative stress, saffron is an important ingredient in our De-stressing Selfcare products. To improve your sleep quality and lift your mood in the morning to start the day refreshed, our NOUMEN Sleep Supplement contains 30 mg of saffron. By combining it with melatonin and 7 other amino acids and botanicals, this effect may be enhanced and have calming, relaxing and sleep-promoting properties - naturally and without the groggy morning after.


  • Marise Wall

    Hi, I have started taking Saffron threads in the morning, a very low dose of about 10 a day and it has helped with anxiety. Lots of information states that taking Saffron long term is not good for you, can you help clarify this please?

  • Elvita RIVEIRA

    I took saffron for 3 nights and experience a good night sleep also a boost in my mood

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