4 reasons for natural cosmetics

There are many skin care products on the market today - with natural or synthetic ingredients. Admittedly, the range of products on offer in supermarkets, drugstores or on the internet can sometimes be overwhelming. Natural cosmetics in particular are becoming increasingly popular among women and men.

But is it all just another hype? Or is the boom in natural skincare justified?

We have summarised 4 reasons for you why we at NOUMEN rely on pure natural cosmetics 

1. Free from harmful ingredients 🚫

Hormonally active substances, allergenic fragrances, mineral oil and palm oil - everyday skincare products can contain substances you would rather not come into contact with.

Another problem with synthetic skincare products is that they can be harmful to some people's skin. Certain ingredients can cause everything from swelling, redness and itching to outright allergic reactions.

Ingredients to watch out for include parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, propylene glycol and triclosan.

For this reason, it is better for our skin if we choose natural products that are free of irritants and thus cannot harm the skin.

2. Natural balance for the skin ⚖️

Synthetic skincare products often focus on quick effects. They use synthetic oils or silicones that cushion and smooth strongly but do not interact with the skin and therefore do not provide long-term benefits.

Natural skincare takes a different approach. For the long term. With natural ingredients, the skin is brought back into balance. The skin receives natural nutrients and is protected from moisture loss. This helps it to regenerate effectively.

3. Gentle for the skin 😌

Many conventional products are formulated to achieve certain results, such as fighting impurities or combating the first signs of skin ageing. For this purpose, chemical substances are used, but it is often not known what long-term effects these substances can have on us.

In some circumstances, they can have negative consequences. The skin cream might delay the ageing process, but it could clog our pores and lead to skin blemishes.

The ingredients in natural cosmetics have natural benefits without the need to use chemicals to achieve the desired results. Shea butter and aloe vera, for example, have a natural moisturising and nourishing effect.

We can achieve desired results in a natural and healthy way. In this way, we protect and strengthen the skin and help it to become more resilient in the long term.

4. Better for the environment 🌱

In short, natural cosmetics are better for the environment than synthetic skin care products. There are numerous reasons for this.

First and foremost, synthetic chemicals have the risk of harming animals and plants they come into contact with. If the synthetic chemicals from such a product end up in the soil, this can have serious consequences for the surrounding ecosystems.

In addition, the processes involved in the manufacture of conventional skin care products pollute the environment. The extraction of certain ingredients (aluminium, lead, etc.) requires the mining of mineral resources. Mining causes a lot of pollution and ultimately leaves a negative footprint on the environment as a whole.

Natural skincare products refrain from using such ingredients as they only use naturals and therefore do not harm the plants and animals around them.

Did we convince you with these 4 reasons? Discover our skincare and experience it for yourself!